Michael Lisiewski  (Founder/Owner)

Michael "Bossman" started teaching surfing back in 1988.  What started as occasional requests to help someone start surfing turned into 20+ years of surf instruction.  As a competitive surfer and skateboarder he understands the ins and outs of the sport and its challenges.  Growing up in a surf shop and around the surfing greats has provided Michael with an incredible amount of knowledge about the sport.  Michael is the father of two girls and has been surfing himself for over 30 years.


Eric Leonard  (Head Instructor)

Eric "The Professor" was born to teach.  As a college professor, youth soccer coach and long time surfer, he has the knowledge of both surfing and how to teach that makes him an outstanding instructor.  Eric is usually in the water at dawn, getting an early session in before heading to his first lesson, and he is known to surf no matter the conditions.  It is all about the stoke of being in the water for Eric and it is that stoke that he brings to every lesson.  He has given the joy of surfing to his three kids and hopes to spread that joy to everyone he instructs. 


Glen  (Instructor)

A true rennaissance man, Glen (aka "X Ten") is an elementary school art teacher during the cold weather months, surf instructor extraordinaire all summer and rock star every night.  No kidding, this guy is a rock star.  As the bass player in Sneak Attack! and Triumph and Tragedy he rocks all night and then kills it on the waves all day.  It is that rennaissance mentality that Glen brings to every lesson as he teaches you to catch the wave while providing a constant soundtrack of fun.


D- Town  (Instructor)

Yes, it is just D-Town.  At one time this may have been a nickname but now it is all that he is.  Eclectic, fun, and a bit crazy, D-Town is what a surfer should be.  He is a long-time ripper in the water and also a middle school teacher, so you know he has the teaching skills and knowledge to get you up and riding.  So if you are looking for fun while learning to surf than this is your man.  Some describe him as one big sugar rush and one lesson with him is guaranteed to leave you stoked and smiling. 


Keegan Fessler  (Instructor)

He just goes by "The Boy" and when you look at his pictures below you know why.  He may look no older than half the kids he teaches to surf, but this baby face kid brings over 5 years of teaching experience to every lesson and a classic surf style.  Couple that with years of experience in the surf industry and Keegan has all the knowledge and skills to not only get you up surfing, but also get you on the right gear.  As owner of Wave Hog Surf Shop this kid is wise beyond his young appearance.


Chris Scarpinato  (Instructor)

Chris "Scarp" Scarpinato is the style expert of our little surf world.  Just watch him on one wave and you will see what "cool" looks like.  Smooth lines, crisp turns, deep barrels and big airs--this guy does it all.   And some say he might even be better on a skateboard!  Sponsored by both BoneYard surfboards and Jetty, this guy can rip it up on any board.  So if you or your kid are looking to be the next ripper on the Jersey shore than Scarp is your man. 


Frank Malatino (Instructor)

Frank (aka "The Mad Scientist") is the crew's chemist/scientist and to say that he is a methodical thinker might be an understatement.  It is that methodical, academic personality that Frank brings to his stellar surfing and every surf lesson.  And that methodical thinking is sure to help get you up and riding.  But don't think this will be like your typical boring seminar, there is the "mad" in Mad Scientist that makes Frank the perfect mix of genius and insanity.  Just what you need to make your surf lesson informative and a little crazy fun.  So if you are looking to mix a little madness with your knowledge of surfing, come see the Mad Scientist for a lesson.